Katharina Franck.
Mute. CDstumm209. Release-Date: 27.5.2002

Katharina Franck does not want to be misunderstood as a spoken-word
performer. She celebrates spoken pop songs and makes up for
something that German hip hop has owed us for more than a decade: the
stringent flow of words as the counterpart to a technologized environment`s
urban motor.

"Zeitlupenkino" (meaning: slowmotionmovie) brings totally diverse aspects of
Katharina Franck`s artistic life together. Today, the innocent and naïve world view
of Rainbirds that, in the most positive sense, amounts to a type of curiosity still
enables her to access the things she tells of in an almost disarming and
genuine way.

The musical environment for the texts on "Zeitlupenkino" came into being
through co-operative work with Thomas Stern and Yoyo Röhm that was based on
close, reciprocal encouragement and mutual intentions. For "Zeitlupenkino",
Katharina Franck, Thomas Stern and Yoyo Röhm composed and arranged
songs, shared their thoughts, contrasted and extrapolated the spoken and
partially sung words with sounds, beats, sonic quotations and noise
rudiments. They did indeed make the sound an additional narrative level,
thereby giving the project the spacial and temporal depth indispensable for
every real or imaginary movie theater.

Although all of the texts on Katharina Franck`s "Zeitlupenkino" are spoken
and sung in German, this CD also provides an enjoyable listening experience
for those without any knowledge of German.

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Jane Bowles. Katharina Franck. Ulrike Haage
"Bei unserer Lebensweise ist es sehr angenehm,
lange im voraus zu einer Party eingeladen zu werden"
("Living The Way We Do, It Is Delightful
To Be Invited To A Party A Long Way Off")
Sans Soleil. CD. ISBN 3-88030-036-4

and then there was nothing...
Jane Auer Bowles was born in New York on February 22,
1917. She died on May 4, 1973, in the Spanish city of
Malaga in the Clinica de Los Angeles. In the time between,
she was a writer and traveler:

Mexico and Vermont and Florida,
Connecticut and Paris,
Tangiers, Ceylon, Lisbon, New York,
from Tangiers to Malaga and back,
from Tangiers to Malaga and goodbye.

Although admired by Tennessee Williams and Truman
Capote, by William S. Burroughs, Carson McCullers and by
her husband Paul Bowles,. Jane Bowles did not think highly
of the way she lived nor did she think highly of what she

She, above all, wrote letters: to Virgil Thompson, to Libby
Holman, to her husband, to the friends she missed who were
all over, who were in all those places she presently wasn't,
where she was precisely not doing that which she actually
wanted to do and would do if she wasn't in the place she
presently was in: "Perhaps you can write me what I mean..."

In her first radio play, "Bei unserer Lebensweise ist es sehr
angenehm, lange im voraus zu einer Party eingeladen zu
werden" ("Living The Way We Do, It Is Delightful To Be
Invited To A Party A Long Way Off"), Katharina Franck
combines excerpts from Jane Bowles’ letters with fragments
from her life; suffused with her own thoughts and ideas, an
imagined correspondence between "my Jane, an other, and
myself" takes place. A homage to the writer Jane Bowles,
and a play with the various fragments that make up the I and
the "I that is an other".

Ulrike Haage’s music refers, with quotations from jazz,
Moroccan music, and with her own film music-like
compositions, to the time in which Jane Bowles wrote and to
the places and continents where she wrote. She selects
individual sentences and words and transports them to a
different level, and, in the end, she removes them from the
labyrinthine trains of thought of both letter-writers, taking
them back to the simplicity and clarity that underlies this
combination of life and writing.

available from SansSoleil

cd 1999 seven dances of the holy ghost
by andreas ammer & ulrike haage
(sans soleil / isbn 3 - 88030 - 034 - 8)

wherever ulrike haage travels to, she brings back small pictures,
tiny sculptures or hand made collages depicting the saints of that
specific region, sometimes illustrating the martyrdom they´ve gone
through for their belief or what they stand for.
out of bewilderment of exactly that rose the idea for this incredibly
"danceable" radio-play, featuring the erotic speaking voices of rainbird
katharina franck and actor ben becker.

the mostly electronic compositions by ulrike haage include some short
classical pieces written especially for three young voices of the
regensburger domspatzen, a famous german boys choir. there`s sebastian
hess on cello and robert sailer plays oboe. and then there are the sounds
and voices of phil minton on the trail of other beings lost whispering.

the chill of the churches, the solitude of the desert, the burning of pure
souls - it all becomes sound. samples hacked and scratched, sensuality
ripped into pieces by the echos of modernity.
bonus-track: a remix by console.

seven dances of the holy ghost is nominated for the prix d`italia, firenze 1999

available from sans soleil

cd 1998 odysseus 7 ulrike haage, andreas ammer, fm einheit
(rough trade records RTD 197.3342.2 43)

Odysseus 7 is the continuation of space travel with poetic means.
After all only astronauts and cosmonauts have seen the world the
way it isn`t.This radio space opera is set partly in the ancient
world and partly in the future, partly live at the theatre and partly
in outer space.
Fiction seems far away. Above us the a sky full of frequencies.
Lydia Kavina, theremin; Ulrike Haage, keyboards & soundplants, FM Einheit,
percussive instruments; Sebastian Hess, Cello; Jennifer Minetti, Phil
Minton, Alex Hacke, Meret Becker, voices.
cd 1997 katharina franck. hunger (sans soleil /isbn 3-88030-031-3)

includes: hunger, eatable poetry #1,#2 and#3, hurra!!!, täglich turbo,
schmuckstück, winter, das finde ich schön, william lee, kino, eine mark
und fünfzig pfennig, hunger reprise.

spoken word, mainly in german laguage, with music, sounds and samples by
haage and franck. available from sans soleil and special record stores
and bookshops.

cd 1991-1995 goto ulrike haage, phil minton, fm einheit
(sans soleil /isbn 388030-029-1)

Goto emerged in 1991 from the legendary quartet VLADIMIMR ESTRAGON.
GOTO's performances are free fall into the unknown, a happening that,
when it begins, has no clue as to where it will possibly end.
Dissonance and harmony, chaos and structure might be the words to
describe the sound- adventures if GOTO, as a matter of fast- not as a program

available from sans soleil

cd 1995 apokalypse live ulrike haage, andreas ammer, fm einheit
(rough trade records RTD 197.1996.2)

Apokalypse is a radio play based on the Revelation of Saint John the
Divine. It is pretty much like an opera, consisting of noises, cover
versions of old sacred music, pop music and the great improvisations
of the band: Ulrike Haage, grand piano, keyboards and preparations; Alex Hacke,
guitar and vocals; FM Einheit, stones and metal drums; Sebastian Hess,
Cello; David Greiner, Phil Minton, HJ Friedrichs, voices.

Ammer, Einheit and Haage received prestigious awards for Apokalypse Live
and have been invited to the Salzburger Festspiele and more theatres in
Germany and Austria.
cd 1994 stein. könig zucker (rough trade records rtd 195. 1698.2)

includes: more music for theatre plays by einheit and haage, and
haage/francks underground hit rosettas tanz, first spoken word
performances by franck and her beautiful rendition of kurt weills
trouble man
cd 1992 stein. steinzeit (rough trade records rtd 195.1239.2)

includes: mostly music written for theatre plays by elfriede jelinek,
bernard marie koltes, and brecht by fm einheit and ulrike haage, and
features katharina franck with mr.smith and wenn solche scheewind wehen

cd 1990 fm einheit. stein (rough trade records 196.1200.2 40)

includes: educacao sung by katharina franck, and features composer and
pianist ulrike haage on hafen and anna
other vocalist on fm einheits first solo album are diamanda galas and
blixa bargeld, and it features guitarist caspar brötzmann as well