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Sea Of Time - jump into this muddy water - mix (1988)

Here`s the maxi-version of the 1st single-release to the 2nd album with the
extra-long name "Call Me Easy, Say I`m Strong, Love Me My Way, It Ain`t
Wrong". And though it never made the charts because it was far too long for
radio airplay, it is definitely one of the favorite songs of Rainbirds fans
worldwide. Katharina wrote the song long before Rainbirds started rehearsing
in 1986. It is basically about not giving up on yourself, your dreams and
loves, so thats never outdated.

5.47MB 9.92MB, 10:35 min.
Hey (1993)

This is a bonus-track on the 2nd single-release "Jamais Jamais" of the 4th
album "In A Different Light" It is a cleverly written love song that
features Ulrikes beloved arabic pianolines and Katharina wordplay or
"automatic writing" as she would put it then,alike the lyrics to the
songs "Pebbles In My Hand", "Devils Dance" and "Someone Sometime" from
the same album, and there`s also a very loud snare-drum performed by
Curt Cress.

1.77MB 3.18MB, 5:19 min.
Shoot From The Hip - The All Night Long Version (1997)

Here`s a remix of this beautifull love song from "RainbirdsForever",
slightly pitched up, so that it seems a little more up-beat, a little more
"light at heart" than the album version. The single was for promotional
use only. Or was it...? God knows why!

2.47MB 4.47MB, 4:48 min.
My Heart Stops At Nothing (1995)

This is a bonus-track on the first single-release "Absolutely Free" from
the 5th album " Making Memory". It was recorded in June 1995 inbetween
some horrible festival-gigs, it rained and rained, it was cold and hardly
anybody showed up. Though this song is very gloomy and sad, again it is
about turning the page and going on.

1.51MB 2.73MB, 2:56 min.
Fool To Cry (1994)

When Mercury decided to release a Best-Of album in 1994, Ulrike and
Katharina were already free to move onwards and unwilling to record any of
their own new material to be forgotten on some Blueprint re-release. So
they did cover-versions of two of their favorite Stones songs, the other
beeing "Sympathy For The Devil" which was used as a bonus on the actual
Best-Of called "The Mercury Years". Katharina plays drums on this one, and
it became one of the highlights at Rainbirds concerts in 1994 and 1995.

2.43MB 4.39MB, 4:43 min.
Give Me A Kiss (1996)

This is one of two remixes of that 2nd single-release to "Making Memory"
done by Dave Wallace, whom Rainbirds never met.This one is Katharinas
favorite version.

3.35MB 6.05MB, 6:28 min.
Boy On The Beach - live version (1999)

This opener for the first album must be about 15 years old, and it became
the opener for the 1999 Rainbids concerts, after it received the
unmistakable Ulrike Haage-treatment. Unfortunately Tim, Ulrike and Katharina
were quite ill when they performed this one in Berlin at the SFB-Sendesaal
in February 1999. Yet still, it is very powerfull and rocking and modern.

2.75MB 4.97MB, 5:19 min.
My Broken Doll - unreleased demo (1994)

Rainbirds never worked on this song later on in the studio, and they don`t
remember why. It was part of the first songs written for "Making Memory",
and was recorded live at their rehearsal space. And again it`s about the
end of things and a new beginning.

2.46MB 4.45MB, 4:46 min.
Water Water Water - for Jeff Buckley (1997)

Rainbirds were recording their album Forever at the time when Jeff Buckley
drowned. Katharina had written this instrumental months before, but was
about to explain cello-player Sebastian Hess that the song was taking place
somewhere very wet, under pouring rain, almost under water, when somebody
came in with the bad news. A first take.

1.35MB 2.44MB, 2:37 min.